Gills Independent Supporters Club History

  • The Gills Supporters Club was formed in 1994 and was the product of amalgamation between the Gillingham F.C. Blues Supporters Association, Gills Social Club and Gills Travel Club.

    Former Gills chairman Bernard Baker and general manager Bill Williams were instrumental in getting all the parties around the same table.

    Neil Kleeis now chairman, and the committee meets for regular meetings and invites members to an AGM every year, which takes place prior to the first league game of each season.

    When Gillingham F.C. went into receivership in 1995, the Gills Supporters Club called a public meeting at the Priestfield Stadium to rally support and keep the Gills alive.

    Desc Alan Liptrott and Mick Everitt hand over a cheque in 1995 (left).

    Fundraising activities were arranged with thousands of pounds raised to keep the Gills in business. The Gills did survive thanks to businessman Paul Scally buying the club from ex owner Tony Smith.

    The day Paul Scally took control the GISC handed over five thousand pounds to Stevenage for Leo Fortune-West. Leo went onto be top scorer for Gillingham as they gained promotion to Division Two in the 1995\96 season.

    Gills benefactor, Tony Smith, is the GISC President and is very interested in all our activities. We organise away travel to all Gills matches, sell past programs and memorabilia, as well as maintaining a website, Faacebook and Twitter pages for Gills fans all over the world.

    The Old Gills Supporters Club badge

    DescIn July 2001 the membership of the Gills Supporters Club voted to change the name to "The Gills Independent Supporters Club." This was to prevent fans getting confused between this club and the then official Priestfield club.

    At an executive committee meeting on Thursday 30th September 2001, it was decided that the GSC will be known as the Gillingham Independent Supporters Club from then on.

    Since 2001 the GISC have tried to forge links with the parent club, but despite renewed attempts this has largely proved unfruitful, but thankfully the relationship is now slowly improving.

    Following negotiations with the club we were able to sponsor Wales international midfielder Andrew Crofts for the 2008/2009 season and confirm our commitment to help Gillingham FC with any specific projects.

    We are now concentrating on away travel, running social events for our members and of course trying to forge links which will allow us to help Gillingham FC.

    The Gills Independent Supporters Club currently has over 250 members, why not join today?

..2nd Feb - Coventry Away - 10.00am
..18th Feb - Quiz Night - 8pm
..23rd Feb - Wycombe Away - 11.30am

..16th Mar - Luton Away - 11.30am
..18th Mar - Quiz Night - 8pm
..23rd Mar - Wimbledon Away - 11.30am
..6th Apr - Peterborough Away - 10.30am
..15th Apr - Quiz Night - 8pm

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