Gills Independent Supporters Club Merchandise

  • GISC Merchandise

    Over the years the Gills Independent Supporters Club have built up a large collection of programmes. These now span two garages!

    The programmes, which date back to the 1960/1961 season and as well as Gillingham FC include the home countries international fixtures and other league clubs, have now been catalogued and are available for both members and non-members to purchase.

    Costs are:-

    1960/1961 - 1969/1970 £1.00

    1970/1971 - 1994/1995 50p

    1995/1996 - To Date £1.00

  • Ordering

  • ProgrammesIf you wish to make an online enquiry please email and we will answer your email as soon as possible.

    You can also telephone any orders or queries to:-

  • Dave Wray on 07788 984566 or Jason Lyndon on 01634 262024 \ 07802 190934.

  • Programmes can be posted or collected in person. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or on request via Paypal.

  • If you are short of a programme or two to complete your collection why not give Dave or Jason a bell?

  • We also have a range of Gillingham FC DVD's, including our review of the 2012/2013 Championship season, which are available for a small donation.

..2nd Feb - Coventry Away - 10.00am
..18th Feb - Quiz Night - 8pm
..23rd Feb - Wycombe Away - 11.30am

..16th Mar - Luton Away - 11.30am
..18th Mar - Quiz Night - 8pm
..23rd Mar - Wimbledon Away - 11.30am
..6th Apr - Peterborough Away - 10.30am
..15th Apr - Quiz Night - 8pm

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